Automobiles are a necessity in the daily lives of the majority of Californians. Not surprisingly, auto accidents are extremely common on California roadways. Accidents frequently arise from situations where an inattentive driver:

  • Is speeding or traveling faster than road conditions permit and is unable to stop
  • Fails to yield the right of way and turns in front of oncoming traffic
  • Stops suddenly
  • Changes lanes without properly signaling or observing traffic
  • Runs a red light or a stop sign
  • Drives while drunk or distracted (cell phone, GPS, etc.)

No matter how the automobile accident occurs, the personal injuries suffered as a result of a crash can have devastating consequences on your life. The last thing you need to be worrying about is dealing with the insurance companies. It is important that you never accept an insurer’s settlement offer without first consulting a knowledgeable car accident attorney, as insurance companies will find any reason to reduce or deny you the compensation you deserve.

The experienced litigators at the Caldwell Firm are experts at dealing with insurance companies and know how to boost the settlement value of your case. Even though the majority of cases settle, we prepare every case thoroughly and with tenacity so that it is ready for trial. In the event your case goes before a jury, you can count on The Caldwell Law Firm to utilize the most advanced trial strategies, tactics and technology, including sophisticated accident reconstruction techniques and computer simulations, to bring about as favorable a resolution to your case as possible.

We represent clients in Car accidents cases throughout northern California We understand the devastating and permanent injuries that can result from this sort of incident and injury. Our law firm has over 40 years’ experience negotiating and litigating these lawsuits at all levels of the state court as we pursue maximum compensation for:

  • Past – Future medical expenses
  • Damages for Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional trauma and psychological counseling
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of earning capacity
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Long-term care

The car accident lawyers at CALDWELL Law Firm are dedicated to maximizing your compensation and have been helping clients injured in car crashes for over 40 years. We advance all the costs associated with handling your case and charge a fee only if we recover money for your injury. Even if you feel you are partially at fault for your accident, you may still be entitled to recover compensation. If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact the lawyers at Caldwell Law Firm to set up a free case evaluation at no cost to you.